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The most desirable demographic group in the world, at your fingertips. Literally.

The Players Network puts you in direct contact with hundreds of thousands of active golfers. Not at random times of day, but when they are actually playing. This is the ideal time to talk to golfers, and you have them at your fingertips for hours at a time.

Our combined national advertising network supports the ongoing costs of operating the system by making use of reserved ad space on each tablet.

Golfer demographics are highly desirable. Well educated, motivated and active, they enjoy above average income and high levels of disposable income. Best of all, you are reaching them while they are playing, exactly when they are talking about products and services they enjoy. Buying decisions are often made on the golf course.

83% of golfers own securities

68% of golfers own a home

73% of golfers dine out at least once a week

Source: National Golf Foundation

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