Golf Qualifier Test launched

Digital Caddies Inc. has launched a new website designed to help golf course owners and managers determine if their course qualifies for a free Players Network system. Designed specifically for mobile devices, the website can be quickly accessed via tablet or smartphone as well as desktop browsers.

Three simple questions determine whether the course qualifies. The site visitor is shown the result and an Email is sent out with the result score.

“We want to empower course management to determine for themselves if their course qualifies, without having to go through the extra time of contacting us first,” says Brad Nightingale, president and CEO of Digital Caddies. “In just a few seconds, they can see if they meet our qualifications.”

Nightingale adds that the free system is a limited-time offer, but the company would like to provide the same offer to other courses at a later date.

“The response to our limited-time offer of a free system has been remarkable,” he says. “We need to make sure that those courses which do qualify have a chance to get the system first. Later, we may be able to expand the offer to other courses. So even if a course doesn’t qualify today, it might at some point the future.”

Digital Caddies was founded in 2003 and quickly established a reputation for innovation and excellence creating easy-to-use GPS for golf systems. The newest products provide golf course operational management abilities using wireless connectivity and tablet technology installed on golf carts. These new systems outperform previous ones, and make it possible for golf courses to use them with little or no cost. These systems provide real-time interaction between golfers and their entire party, as well as offering direct communication from the operation center throughout each round, making it possible to interact directly with golfers in ways that have not been possible before.

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