Rapid Deployment of The Player’s Network Underway

Digital Caddies, Inc. (OTCPK: CADY), announced today that 34 eighteen hole golf courses have already been installed with The Player’s Network and that the total number of installed golf courses will approach 60 in the coming weeks.
“As we expected, the interest from golf course owners and managers in adopting The Player’s Network has been exceptional,” Said Michael Loustalot, President of Digital Caddies. “In response, we have initiated an accelerated installation program in order to keep up with the continued demand.”

By installing multifunctional, Internet connected, high-resolution tablets in golf carts which operate on golf courses across North America, Digital Caddies is creating, a nationwide, highly monetize-able, interactive network – The Player’s Network. A network that most notably offers national and hyper-local advertisers alike, the ability to not only reach, but to intimately engage with one of the most attractive, and sought after demographic populations in the market – the golfer.

Once courses are equipped with the Player’s Network, golfers are treated to a host of useful and engaging applications and services including GPS-based hole/course information, scoring, touch screen interaction and on course messaging. Golfers can also use the system to notify the beverage cart of their location to receive more prompt service and will soon be able to create customizable leader boards that can be shared on the web in real-time (ideal for group outings and private events) and access weather, news, sports and other entertainment.

In addition, the Player’s Network provides the golf course a broad portfolio of course management tools designed to enable course operators to improve the golfers experience and pace of play via GPS-based cart tracking and communications, increased merchandise and concession sales via real-time on-tablet promotions, and access additional revenue streams.

“Needless to say, I am very excited about the progress we have made and what the future holds for our company,” said Brad Nightingale, CEO of Digital Caddies. “As we pass the 60 course mark and rapidly approach 100 courses installed with the Player’s Network, our audience will grow significantly putting us in a credible position to access the multi-billion dollar mobile advertising market. We believe The Player’s Network represents a unique advertising channel, particularly given the high-net worth, consumption-oriented nature of our golfer demographic.”

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