About Digital Caddies

A world leader in golf technology.

Digital Caddies was founded in 2003 and has been providing GPS solutions to golf courses for over 12 years.  Recently, the company launched the most affordable, full featured, tablet based GPS systems for golf courses and golfers.

Using our Android™ tablet, golfers access a number of useful applications and services. Accurate yardages, aerial hole views and GPS-based course navigation keep golfers constantly interacting with the touch screen throughout their rounds. That interactivity gives marketers a unique platform to engage with this affluent and sought-after consumer through rich media banner ads and full-screen, high-definition video.

Digital Caddies’ tablets install easily on golf carts and connect wirelessly to the Web through Sprint’s nationwide network, providing the golf course a broad portfolio of real-time course management tools via GPS-based cart tracking and communications.

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